Snow Love Left

"Snow-bound and unable to rehearse, what are you going to do?"
"I dunno. I could do some backing vocals for the album. And I might dig out that song I wrote a couple of years ago during a cold snap."
"The one with the tortuous metaphor about snow melting and love fading which doesn't quite work, and sounds suspiciously like 'Hickory Wind'?"
"Yeah, that's the one"
"It's a bit of a croon, isn't it?"
"Nothing wrong with crooning. Works for Cave."
"You're no Cave."
"I get the feeling you're not the most supportive bit of my psyche."
"Oh, sorry, the supportive bits are out playing in the snow."
"Fair enough, Got to be better than recording a song that is derivative, got some dodgy syntax and no-one's going to listen to anyway."
"Yeah, well lob it up on the blog and let's go out and build a snowman..."