A couple of years ago, after we had completed the album 'My Confession' with Niamh Cavlan we got together for a few days at Mike's house to sing some songs and talk about what we wanted to do next. We knew we wanted to get back to a purely acoustic sound, ideally built around the two guitar, two voice set-up that we love in artists like Gillian Welch and Christy Moore. We had a stack of songs that we'd written but never recorded, so we just spent a few days hanging out, playing them, writing and tweaking a little, but most of all just feeling our way back in, recording as we went.

One song that we dug out was 'Wrecked and Reeling', a song that Mike had brought into the world around the turn of the millenium. It had started out life as a full-on driving, guitar rocker but seemed to find its way now as a slower, more twisted creature. Mike was suffering a with a cold and this leant his vocals a fractured, wasted air, perfectly complementing the lyrical darkness. Listening back to this now, I can hear that in this moment we had started to lock in to our new sound:

In those few days, in the little bubble of music and friendship we made, lies the genesis of the album we are getting close to completing.