Goodbye the Bull & Gate

When we were younger, hairier and louder we used to play around London with a full band. One of the places we played several times was the legendary Bull & Gate in Kentish Town, which closes on 4th May. It's going to become a gastropub apparently. It was never beautiful, and we always seemed to be promoted along totally inappropriate other acts, but it was a proper old-school indie venue.

Things come and things go, and the next generation of venues are hopefully making their own history now, but it's still worth noting its demise. I remember the palimpsest of band stickers in the gents, the old Irish fellers in the front bar, and the sticky floor and rank smell of the venue out the back, a different sound engineer each time we played, all called Dave. We made a racket there, and so did thousands of others, and for that, we are grateful!