The Strand

March's 'new' song:

Like 'Fairytale' in February, this has also been kicking around for a number of years (I think it goes back to the last millennium...) We did record this when we first started Nobodaddy, and that recording had a certain charm, but we didn't quite do it justice. I've always been hugely fond of it, as it is a hugely personal song, so I'm glad we've managed to revive it.

For me it is full of allusions to and resonances of people, places, poetry and songs that I love, but I hope it also has resonance for others who can bring their own take to it. I think of it as a bit of a secular hymn  (like 'Fountain', the last song on our first album), exploring a more 'spiritual' (for want of a better word) theme than our recurring love tropes. So take a walk along the strand, see what the tide brings in...