This ain't love...

Our first album 'There must be less to life than this' was recorded a few years ago, and we still play several of the songs from it. This is a version of 'This ain't love':

This Ain't Love (2011) by Nobodaddy

The version on the album is a gentler finger-picked arrangement, but this is a slightly poppier version.

We often revisit songs, trying new versions to see how they work, and certain songs will work in multiple arrangements with differing moods and energies and no single arrangement being necessarily definitive. Other songs seem to find their optimum version and stay settled, but I do have a sneaking love of the songs that keep bringing you back to them and stand up to this process of renewal.

Some artists (such as Christy Moore) revisit songs and record new arrangements throughout their career, and I don't think that's because of dissatisfaction with a certain song or arrangement, more that the creative act is not restricted to the writing of the song, but finds an outlet in this ongoing revisiting with new eyes and ears. This is obviously central to the traditional folk approach, with songs being really just starting points for individual singers to take on for themselves, bringing their own approach and self to the song, before someone else may try it another way. Thus songs slowly evolve over time, never perfect, always evolving in a relay race of singers.