Wayland Radio

Thanks to Dave, Jane and Rod for hosting us last night on the last ever Wayland Radio Folk show. We had a great time singing our songs and choosing songs from some of the greats who have influenced us. It is really sad that the station is having to close owing to funding issues, depsite the hard work of the team there, most of whom are volunteers. The good news is that Dave, Jane and Rod are going to carry on promoting the folk music they are so passionate about via www.folkspot.co.uk so have a look at that and support them where you can.

For the record, the songs we chose:
  • Gillian Welch 'The Way it Goes'
  • Donovan 'The Seller of Stars'
  • Fleetwood Mac 'Man of the World'
  • Christy Moore 'The City of Chicago'
  • Nanci Griffiths 'Speed of the Sound of Loneliness'
  • Duck Baker 'The Duke of Fife's Welcome to Teeside'
  • Iris Dement 'Let the Mystery be'
  • Wilco 'Jesus, etc'
  • Billy Bragg 'Waiting for the Great Leap Forwards'
  • Johnny Cash 'Solitary Man'
We'll post some of the live tracks we played over the next few days.