But is it folk?

You may notice that we describe ourselves as 'folk music'. We do so advisedly, because, as with any genre label, it is one that is endlessly debated. Mumford & Sons seem to be the latest popular band to be the lightning conductor for this debate (for example the comments on today's Guardian seminal moments in the history of folk music). I have added a comment to this discussion which explains a little of how we think we relate to that description. Anyway, suffice to say, for the time being it feels like the right fit in order to give a general audience a sense of broadly what style of music we play. We're not claiming to be of or in any tradition, but what we do is so heavily influenced by squarely folk artists (Christy Moore, Gillian Welch, Dylan etc etc) that it seems as close a match as we're going to get....but hey, maybe we're missing something?